Top 10 Reasons Why Education Is Important

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7. Maintains peace and social harmony

social harmony- reasons why education is importantMost of the criminals-burglars, pickpockets, smugglers, terrorist, dacoits, rapist- are uneducated person. They are easily influenced to conduct activities which disturb the peace of the world. Even within a society, the uneducated are quarrelsome and disturbing due to their lack of knowledge on good moral values and discipline. Education helps people understand the value of peace and makes them aware of rights, responsibilities, and law. This promotes mutual co-operation and harmony.

6. Increases level of understanding and knowledge

increases level of understanding- reasons why education is importantEducated people are able to understand things clearly and quickly because of their knowledge on the subject and related issues. For example, it is difficult for an uneducated person to understand the benefits of the latest smart-phone whereas an educated guy will be able to understand and use it for his own good. Educated people are always supportive of developmental works as they know its benefits on their living.

5. Innovation and discoveries

innovation and discoveries- education is importantIt was not long ago when flying like a bird was just an imagination and considered practically impossible. And now, here we are, flying over seas and mountains in double-Decker jets and thinking of time travel. Every discovery of mankind, which has made our life so much sophisticated, would have been little but possible without education. Education can be considered the prerequisite for innovation and generation of new ideas and theories. Mankind knows a lot about the human body and the universe we exist in, only because of educated scholars and scientists.

4. Health

health- why education is importantDiarrhea, today, is considered a very normal disease and not at all fatal. But, not long ago (still today in some remote places) it used to infect the whole settlement spreading as an epidemic and leaving only few survivors. The knowledge about diseases, development of their cure, and improvement in sanitation has drastically reduced the effect of diseases, and the credit goes to proper education on these sectors. Vaccines have been developed to immune us from diseases and education has made us aware about such services and methods. Records show that people with secondary education have 75% less chance of getting HIV and a child born to and educated mother is 50% more likely to live past age five, all adding to the importance of education in human health.

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