Top 10 Reasons Why Education Is Important

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3. Economic prosperity

prosperity- benefits of educationHistory shows that without 40% of adult being literate, no country has ever attained high economic growth. Countries with almost 100% literacy rate like Finland, Australia, Japan, and USA are the world leaders in economy and pioneers of development. People in these countries have a high per capita income and enjoy a sophisticated life. Education is given the upmost importance in these countries in contrast to underdeveloped African and a select few Asian countries where the literacy rate is below 40%. Without proper education, a country cannot have enough skilled manpower to carry out developmental works and move towards prosperity.

2. Opens world of opportunities

education opens world of opportunitiesYou can either pray to god and beg for rain from heaven or dig right under your feet to find water: choice is yours. Educated persons dig because they know that water is underneath the ground they are standing. Opportunities never come knocking your door. It is you who have to seek for it, and education opens your eyes to see opportunities where uneducated don’t. Education has opened up a world of opportunities in every sector. Farmers have a good harvest with hybrid crops and fertilizers. Industries like mining and extraction have developed extensively within a span of a century. With proper education, each piece of land can be your farmland and each shelter can be your own industry.

1. Leads to a happy life

educatiin leads to happy lifeHappiness is an abstract thing and cannot be objectified or calculated, but one way or the other it can be perceived and compared. Educated families are in most cases happier than uneducated ones. With proper education comes good job, good earning, good reputation; a good career as a whole. When your needs are easily fulfilled, most of the conflicts are itself managed. Plus, education helps you to avoid harmful things like smoking, drinking, taking drugs, or involving in criminal activities. You become a person in good standing and can easily cooperate with society. There are lesser disputes in your family and your children learn the same. Overall, education is a foundation of a happy life.


Of all, the importance of education can never be exaggerated and with the world more and more inclining towards science and technology, its value in a human life is destined to increase. It is not impossible that one day education may be one of the basic needs along with food, cloth, and shelter. Until that day comes, let’s hope that human mind becomes more capable of storing all the information that ever increasing history of mankind will leave behind.

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