Top 10 Reasons to Love and Study Science

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From the baby talks in the kinder garden about how their diapers does all the absorbing, the middle school students talking about their wish with shooting stars, high school students talking about the pounding of their heart, college students talking about their mileage of the bikes, married men watching and talking about the live soccer match in the televised beam of light in their guest room, household women talking about the dream they had some ages ago, and scientists talking about Large Hydron Collider; they have nothing in common except: THE SCIENCE.

Science has always been a brave fighter and in due course it has won every battle ever fought. Whether the battle was among scientists and Popes, between Darwin and Adam, Eve; science has been proved victorious in every battle ever fought, no matter how slowly. This is because science hands reason to belief, proof to faith, sureness to possibility. However, the critics also do have a point. They have been arguing that this field of studies has turned humans into emotionless robots who think more and feel less, who go for reasons and not sentiments, and science has been turning humans more into machine and swiping humanity from the humans.

In spite all the accusations, the increasing popularity of this subject among men cannot be overlooked. Science has been that awe striking factor which hits everyone with the real thing. Well, here are top 10 reasons why we need to study and love science.

10. Science Searches For Truth

Science Searches For Truth We are surrounded by myths. We don’t cross road if cat crosses the way. We don’t travel by transportation means in Friday the thirteenth. And upon these vast myths, science has been the one and only source of light which has been guiding us to the pure truth, which can clear this fuzzy thinking of ours because it does not go after the number of people who believe it or the statistics or how old the story has been running since. It searches the truth. It goes after concrete facts. It replies big bang to popes about earth with proofs, it replies earthquake to Atlas being tired of holding earth, it replies evolution to spontaneously forming of mice from dirty shirts. It searches for truth and speaks truth, no matter whether people stand by its side or not, no matter what the consequence will be. It has always been searching for truth and standing by it.

9. Science Always Has Answers

Science Always Has Answers “What came first the chicken or the egg.” Well, this question used to be fun until the scientists solved this mystery and said it was chicken. That’s how awesome it. Why is the sky blue? Why is water in liquid and not solid? Why is the shape of earth round? Why is the fire hot? Why is the silk smooth? Why do we have eyes in front of the head and not at the back? It gives answers to everything. Yes everything. From why the baby cries when born to why the old man dies. From why to we love to why do we hate? From cells to universe, science has always been like that wise thing which we seek into for the quest of answers.

8. It Is Everywhere

Science is everywhere“You can’t run away from your problems. There is no place that far.” Well, add one more line to this quote. “Neither can you from science.” Science is on the stars you see in the sky, ( needless to mention the reason for which you see; the light from the stars striking your retinal cells), to the tiny earthworm in the ground. From rainbows in the sky to the wells underground. Science is in the air you breathe, its molecules making its way in your lungs to the things you touch to things you hear to everything. Yes, everything!! Science is omnipotent.

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