Top 10 Reasons to Love and Study Science

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7. Science Is Mother And Inventions Is It’s Child

science and inventionsOur ancestors were rubbing stones to get a spark of fire, science handed us butane and iso-butane in our cylinders. Our ancestors used to go to cliffs and shout to convey messages, science handed us phones. Our ancestors had to walk all the way to reach somewhere. This field of studies helped us build bus, cars and more. We wanted to fly like birds. Science gave us airplanes. We wanted to see the underwater world, science gave us submarines. We have been granting wishes and it has been making our wishes reality.

6. Science Connects Us

Science connects the worldIt has been that thread which has been binding us. We are divided by religion or country or languages we speak. No matter which language we speak, no matter what religion we follow, from science we know that we are all the same. The geographical locations say we are different, science says we are the same species with 23 chromosomes in each cell. Religions say we are different, science says the blood thing being pumped through our heart is same in all of us. We may be Catholics or Romans but in the face of this field they are all the same. When one begins to see through the eyes of science, we are all one. Science connects us, as easy as that.

5. Science digs into all past, present and future

Science digs into all past, present and future Science had answers then, science has answers now and science will have answer tomorrow. This is what is cool about science. The anti science popes may have some ridiculous theories about the past, about how it all began. But they cannot answer the present nor the future until of course they predict some nonsense things like the world is going to end in 2013. But science had answers from the very beginning from big bang to global warming. Science leaps into all the three: Past, Present and the Future.

4. Science is backbone of Civilized Society


Science is backbone of Civilized SocietyScience is that sword which stands against all the superstitions and myths that has been haunting generations after generations and lays foundations for the establishment of a well organized society which is run by logics and not some ridiculous logic free superstitions and myths. The skin of their colors may be black or white but for science they are all Homo Sapiens. The earth trembling down is due to pressure changes in the interior of the earth not due to Atlas getting tired of holding earth. Science establishes a society based on logic, and we humans are the creatures of mind and logic suits us. So, yes science is the backbone of a civilized society.

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