Top 10 Reasons to Love and Study Science

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3. It is a Loyal Servant

Science is Loyal ServantScience is here to serve us and it asks no questions. The laptop gifted by science works under my command at the tips of my fingers without any questions. The lamp in my room glows when I want it glow and the fan in the ceiling runs when I want it to run. Without any questions, without any hesitation. The pure motive of science and invention has always been to serve the people and so far science has been an excellent servant that has been serving us from the time of our grand grandfather to present and will keep on being a faithful servant.


2. It helps in exploring possibilities

science explores possibility“What if the earth is not flat? And is round instead?” science thought, science explored, science conquered. “What if there is life even under the water like in the land?” science thought, science explored. Science conquered. Science has been like that nerd with A+ grade in his mark sheet that never gets satisfied and keeps on trying to improve, keeps on trying to expand its boundaries and horizons and this is exactly what science has been doing: searching, exploring and conquering.

1. Science Helps Us Adjust To Present

Science Helps Us Adjust To PresentNow the population of the world is increasing at an alarming rate. The science has thus produced genetically modified crops that yield in less time and whose content value is more. Now, talking on telephones without looking at still felt like being distant, science invented video chats. Forget about smart phones, now we have smart TVs, smart fans for god’s sake. From making vaccines of the most recently widespread disease to helping us turn the lights on and off with a simple voice command, science has always been this amazing tool that has helped us to make our present even grand, ever bigger, even more astonishing.


So, yes, we love science. And why not after all? It is our wish granting factory. We desire. We want. We wish; science gives. It is the answering machine, we ask; science answers. We stumble on the way to truth, science picks us up and leads us the way. It is the hero which settles for nothing but the concrete truth. It is the ultimate savior of a society based on reason. We love science because science gives us hope, it gives us hope that lies without any evidence may win the short games but at long run, it is always truth that triumphs. Science is the new religion and we? We are not only its followers but also its lovers.


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