Top 10 Safest Countries to Live in the World

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Even the fact that we exist today seems like a remarkable coincidence, when some of the facts are to be looked upon with greater light. Only one out of the millions of sperm cells released during coitus goes on to meet the egg cell, and form the zygote, the beginning of our remarkable journey as a human being. Looking at this simple truth closely, the probability of us being born, was far too negligible. Had that sperm cell been a different one from the one that actually fused in reality, our shot at the human life, would be gone for once and for all. Even beyond that, had our old folks not felt the mood, we could have said “Goodbye” to the world much earlier than we would have had a chance for entering it. And, even after we were born, several of us have lived on to see this day, after several instances of narrow escapes and eventual survivals.      

We were trying to put a perspective into the human life, which has to stand against so many odds and fare well at so many occasions for its commencement and continuity, but may finish off forever, in a single flash of blunder. Our deaths come to us in so many forms and circumstances. A large number, amongst us, pass away before their age has come. This happens in every nation. However, it happens less frequently in some countries while the case is more often in other countries. In this article, we have made the most sincere of our efforts in listing the top ten safest countries in the world, on the basis of their mortality rates.

10. Tuvalu

Tuvalu- safest countries in the world

Tuvalu is an island state situated in the Pacific Ocean, almost halfway between Hawaii and Australia. It was formerly known as the Ellice Islands. It has the population of about 11,000 which makes it the third-least populous country in the world, having the population greater than only the Vatican City and Nauru. The law in Tuvalu forbids prejudice on the basis of race, color, and origin and the society is quite peaceful. It is one of the most peaceful and also the safest places on the planet Earth. As of 2013, it’s been nearly two years since any significant acts of violence were heard of.

9. Singapore

Singapore- safest countries in the world

Singapore is an independent city-state, situated as an island in Southeast Asia, off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore has the fourth-biggest financial center of the world and is an important commercial hub. It is one of the cleanest places on the planet and is a great tourist destination. Singapore has pretty strict rules, which are also put into action with the same strength, and thus the nation has low crime rates. Extremism is all but unheard of in Singapore as well as the religious or racial tensions, as the society is cosmopolitan. It is probably the safest place to live in Asia.

8. Canada

canada- safest countries in the worldCanada is a North American country, which lies in the northern part of the continent, just to the north of the United States. Canada is an immensely developed and one of the wealthiest nations in the world. The nation has narrower class differences, leading to reduced economic tensions among different earning groups. The Canadian government follows the policy of multiculturalism and the nation is a renowned hub for immigration. Thus the society is cosmopolitan, allowing for diverse culture. The nation has a superior educational system and ranks at higher place in terms of quality of life, government transparency, economic freedom and civil liberties.

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