Top 10 Side Effects of Body Piercing

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7. Blood Hemorrhage

Blood Hemorrhage- side effect of body piercingAll forms of body piercing take in the minor bleeding of the pierced parts. Mostly, oral piercing of tongue is susceptible to blood loss due to the occurrence of a lot of blood vessels in delicate organ. Healing of tongue piercing takes from days to weeks, and one must be far careful about eating habits. Even minor case of negligence can end up with excessive bleeding causing speech impairment and breathing uncomforting. Likewise, genital piercing is also reported to post-coital bleeding and urethral suffering. Blood hemorrhage due to piercing is more than painful which later becomes agent to several health problems. Therapists also suggest that body piercing affects one’s blood donating capability, which disqualifies the person having done body piercing.

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6. Nerve Mutilation

Nerve Mutilation- side effect of body piercingBody piercing might sometimes result in severe nerve injury with unbearable pain. In tongue and naval piercing, great care must be taken that connecting nerves aren’t injured. There are sensitive nerve veins from tongue and belly button that connect with the spinal cord and brain functionality. Even a trivial degree of injury to such nerves may lead to permanent shooting pain, making the victim’s life a hell. Nerve disorder due to body piercing is not only dangerous, but it also can be endemic health jeopardy in lifetime. Generally, inattention in aftercare of piercing is the main source to nerve injury. It is likely that one might lose stimuli or have nerve malfunction due to nerve mutilation specific to the pierced organ.

5. Dental Problems

Dental Problems- side effect of body piercingDental complications are possible to occur with oral piercings. It may arise from infections originating from tongue piercing. Some common problems are Ludwig’s angina and oral cellulitis, which result in impairment of dentition and gingiva and painful swelling of gums. Among these problems, impairment of gingival nerves is the most harmful as it might cause dental fissure. Jewelry piercing in tongue is liable to cause major dental complications. The metal piercing done in tongue can cause oral infections, and it can also lead to serious damage to teeth if not cared properly after piercing procedure. Puncture of lingual blood vessels, endotracheal intubation and edema caused by tongue piercing can result in permanent wearing of tooth bearing bones.

4. Low Healing Tendencies

low healing tendency- side effect of body piercingIt is seen in the pierced ones that body piercing has a consequence of low-healing tendencies. Abundant aftercare of the pierced organ is needed after piercing, but in many cases, the pierced ones fail to take precaution measures. As piercing of sensitive organs like tongue, nose, belly button and ear require a lot time period to heal, negligence in caring of these organs lead to low-immune system. The major problems in healing stir up due to tight fitting of jewelry, backless stud and sanitary issues. Every piercing has its normal healing time, which is plausible to lengthen upon unsafe piercing methods. Generally, the healing time of piercing ranges from 2-4 weeks for clitoris piercing in females, and it takes up to 6-12 months for healing of primary piercing of nostril.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Side Effects of Body Piercing”

  1. I have to say, this article is ridiculous! First of all, if you’re going
    to talk about an allergic reaction to piercings, how about you use a REAL pic
    of an allergic reaction and not some pic of what is OBVIOUSLY a repeated
    pattern performed as a form of scarification or other body manipulation and not
    in any way related to an allergic reaction to metal. Secondly, as far as
    Cellulitis needing weeks of antibiotic therapy, as quoted from WebMD: “Cellulitis is a
    common skin infection
    that happens when bacteria spread through the skin to deeper tissues. Most
    cases are mild and last several days to a couple of weeks.” It goes
    on to say that cellulitis most commonly comes from cuts, scrapes and even bug
    bites. As far as a keloid on your piercing? What you are mislabeling is a pustule or
    aka a piercing pimple NOT a keloid. It is a common occurrence and is NOT
    permanently disfiguring. It’s usually cleared up with a little saltwater
    treatment and does not leave a scar. I could go on about each and every one of
    your misleading items but there isn’t enough time or space in this small
    comment section. I will say this though, what you have listed, WHEN it was
    correct, are at the very worst case scenarios and will only occur when a person
    does nothing to clean or take care of themselves in general whether they have a
    piercing or not. And the point of contracting STD’s through piercings is almost
    laughable. THE most common way of contracting STD’s, specifically HIV is
    through unprotected sex, piercing or not. If you wish to become a REAL journalist,
    you need to revisit your commitment to telling the whole truth and not just
    what you want to print. If that is how you plan on working your career, then
    you should go get a job with FOX news, THE one-sided news team!


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