Top 10 Side Effects of Body Piercing

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3. Endocarditis Risk

Endocarditis Risk- side effect of body piercingIn the patients with heart abrasions, infective endocarditis complication is followed by body piercing. Body piercing including the penetrating of mucous membrane or superficial skin of delicate organs is prone to bacterial infection, which upturns the risk of endocarditis in those with hereditary cardiac problems. The risk of endocarditis complication is life-threatening as it is infectious to other health hazards. It is advised to the patients of heart disease that they should avoid ear, nipple and naval piercings, as it can further escalate high-risk cardiac conditions. It has been reported that insecure nostril piercings and poor sanitary practice is directly associated with the increased risk of endocarditis infections.

2. Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy Complications- side effects of body piercingIt might seem unreal, but body piercing holds high risk to the baby in case of pregnancy. During pregnancy, piercing of nipples, naval and genital piercing is a warning, as physical change is involved during the condition. In such case, growth of blisters, tissue scarp and holes may make home for infections. Most importantly, nipple piercing must be avoided during pregnancy as it might be susceptible to harmful contagions in the course of breast feeding. It is also precautionary that jewelry should be removed during the period for safety measures of motherhood. Naval piercing is also fatal to the health of both child and mother if you are thinking to conceive. After all, you can have a way to body piercing after you have already given birth to a child.

1. Threat of STD’s

hivThis sounds terrifying, but is quite a clinical suggestion that body piercing is likely to result in route to transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). There are sterilized habits for metal piercing tools, yet the tendency of tetanus remains, which is prone to infectious diseases. As discussed in earlier topics, body piercing always possesses a tendency of allergic reactions and contagious infections. Genital piercing is popular among both men and women, but has the highest risk factor to infection of sexually transmitted diseases. Jewelry or metal piercing in genitals is subjected to burst or rupture in condoms or contraceptive devices during sexual intercourse, which might lead to infection of STD’s. Also, penile rings are said to cause insistent erection and unwanted dissipation of edematous fluid, making the genitals prone to sexually transmitted diseases.

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Body piercing is gaining popularity in modern stage of open culture. It is considered as one of the emergent fashion in the demesne of glamour, and is also said to have spiritual connections in some cultures. Yet, several countries and organizations still prohibit the unusual practice of body piercing, considering its vulnerability to civic culture. There is also parental guidance and concerning laws for minor in some countries for permission to body piercing. This scenario isn’t of surprise as the practice of body piercing is being carried from ancient times, but the beliefs and methods have put the practice in controversy. It is evident from medical suggestions that infrequent and timid body piercing customs can have life-threatening risks to our health. There is always a chance of risk in piercing methods, but guided and precautionary piercing can help us in practicing safe and healthy piercing habits.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Side Effects of Body Piercing”

  1. I have to say, this article is ridiculous! First of all, if you’re going
    to talk about an allergic reaction to piercings, how about you use a REAL pic
    of an allergic reaction and not some pic of what is OBVIOUSLY a repeated
    pattern performed as a form of scarification or other body manipulation and not
    in any way related to an allergic reaction to metal. Secondly, as far as
    Cellulitis needing weeks of antibiotic therapy, as quoted from WebMD: “Cellulitis is a
    common skin infection
    that happens when bacteria spread through the skin to deeper tissues. Most
    cases are mild and last several days to a couple of weeks.” It goes
    on to say that cellulitis most commonly comes from cuts, scrapes and even bug
    bites. As far as a keloid on your piercing? What you are mislabeling is a pustule or
    aka a piercing pimple NOT a keloid. It is a common occurrence and is NOT
    permanently disfiguring. It’s usually cleared up with a little saltwater
    treatment and does not leave a scar. I could go on about each and every one of
    your misleading items but there isn’t enough time or space in this small
    comment section. I will say this though, what you have listed, WHEN it was
    correct, are at the very worst case scenarios and will only occur when a person
    does nothing to clean or take care of themselves in general whether they have a
    piercing or not. And the point of contracting STD’s through piercings is almost
    laughable. THE most common way of contracting STD’s, specifically HIV is
    through unprotected sex, piercing or not. If you wish to become a REAL journalist,
    you need to revisit your commitment to telling the whole truth and not just
    what you want to print. If that is how you plan on working your career, then
    you should go get a job with FOX news, THE one-sided news team!


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