Top 10 Side Effects of Lexapro

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7. Aggression

Aggression- side effects of lexapro

The cure of anxiety disorder by the use of Lexapro could take anyone through aggressive behavior and this is one of the severe side effects. Extrapyramidal reactions, serotonin syndrome, high blood pressures and neuroleptic syndrome could occur which can also lead to heart attack. Even clotting of blood in the body could take place which ultimately leads to hemorrhage and death.

6. Sexual Problems

sexual problems- side effects of lexapro

The use of SSRIs can have several impacts on one’s body including dysfunction of sexual organs. Lexapro deadens senses causing a decrease in the libido. The livers start cleansing and clearing of the toxins in the body would lack the performance issues and sex drives in one’s body. Lexapro has serious effect on the seratonergic receptors which have an important role in the pathogenesis of spontaneous ejaculation. This loss of sexual desires could lead to further depression as well.

5. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite- side effect of lexapro

Bumping to an increased dose of Lexapro could cause the loss of appetite though the anxiety might get a cure. This could possibly lead to the loss of weight as hunger gradually decreases by the use of it. Burning and hunger pains in stomach could occur which also makes the patient a victim to nausea. Gastric problems could also appear if the doses are kept on changing.

4. Bleeding

Bleeding- side effect of lexapro

Lexapro could cause the inflammation in the lining of intestines and stomach. This acute inflammation could trouble the pancreas and bleeding of stomach and intestines could be observed. Several patients have been reported to have suffered from Hepatitis as well which could get severe if left untreated. Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and Stevens- Johnson syndromes might appear. Severe muscle damage due to bleeding could also lead to kidney failure. Even bleeding in some other part of the body could take long time for recovery.

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