Top 10 Side Effects of Lexapro

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3. Tinnitus

Tinnitus- side effect of lexapro

Tinnitus is basically not a disease but a condition where a patient suffers from wide range of causes, noise induced hearing loss being the most common of all. The use of Lexapro could have oxidative stress and ear infections which could grow wax build ups and fluid drain in the ears. When using this medicine, a miss in a dose could also lead to excessive noise hearing, headache and breaking of ear drums. So, regular medication is a must to get away from these problems when using Lexapro.

2. Lukemia

Lukemia- side effects of lexapro

Generally someone suffering from cancer is prescribed with Lexapro to keep themselves from anxiety and headaches. However, the use of this medicine could also affect the patient suffering from cancer and make it more adverse. Pain, Obesity and multiple sclerosis could be observed while only a few suffer from Mantle cell lymphoma. Specially in children suffering from acute lukemia, the use of Lexapro should be not used or if used, only in very small doses should be prescribed.

1. Coma

Coma- side effect of lexapro

Coma is the rarest case caused by the use of Lexapro. In a research done in 2014, 11 person out of 34,107 people were found to have been suffering from Hypoglycaemic coma. The overdose of this medical drug could lead to the deficiency of glucose in the blood stream leading to Coma. Specially in people with diabetes and high blood pressure, the use of Lexapro could lead to coma and when it gets severe one can never regain himself to normal.

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Despite Lexapro having some medical usages, this drug could lead to several problems in kidney, liver, heart and increase the chances of bleeding or seizures. Several cases of increasing thoughts of suicide have been reported in children, and even in young adults. Regular monitoring of height and weight should be carried out while drinking alcohol or addictive should be completely avoided while being prescribed for this medicine. Regular health check- ups and medical tests should always be a focus to prevent oneself from the side-effects of Lexapro.

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