Top 10 Side Effects of Marijuana

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7. Cognitive impairment

Marijuana causes cognitive impairmentStudies suggest that smoking pots messes up with perception, motor coordination and cognitive abilities. Pot smokers show slow reflex, show response to learning and memory.  Thus is attributed to the fact that THC, the major constituent of cannabis binds to cannabinoid receptors in brain responsible for memory, learning and emotions. Several studies have pointed out even the effects of acute smoking lasts about seven days.  The decrease in cognitive ability is found to be reversible but stoners tend to have lower score in IQs than non-drug and alcohol users.

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6. Additive Potential

Marijuana has additive potentialCannabis is found to instill drug dependency in its chronic users. Individuals demonstrate irritability, insomnia, anxiety and drug craving during periods of drug abstinence. Thus chronic users tend to have addiction problem. The addition of drug is generally related with less satisfied social life and relationships and lower success in career.

5. Respiratory Diseases

Marijuana causes respiratory diseasesChronic consumption of cannabis is linked with several respiratory disorders like bronchitis and asthma. It is argued that pot smokers tend to inhale and hold the smoke for the long time offering longer time of exposure for the lung tissues to the active ingredients. Since joints are smoked in combination with the tobacco there occurs greater risk of developing lung cancer. However smoking cannabis alone has been found to contradict the occurrences of cancer but have decreased the chances of having cancer.

4. Cardiovascular Diseases

Marijuana causes cardiovascular diseasesSmoking pot puts into risk of developing myocardial infarctions, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. The occurrence of these diseases is less pronounced in young users but has high prevalence in old aged smokers. Cannabis is known to increase heart beat thereby causing high blood pressure even in acute joint users.

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