Top 10 Side Effects of Marijuana

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3. Neurological Disorders

Marijuana causes neurological disorderHigh dose of marijuana is linked with psychotic diseases, schizophrenia and depression. It is suggested that the cannabis reduces the intellectual ability of adolescents. The deduction in cognitive ability makes them more vulnerable for schizophrenia. Some studies suggest that marijuana consumption exacerbates the condition of schizophrenic patients. Besides these, two brain regions, nucleus accumbens (NAC) and the amygdala which are responsible for processing emotions were analyzed. These regions were abnormal in consumers of marijuana in dose dependent manner.

2. Immune system

Marijuana affects immune systemImmune system is a protective mechanism against any foreign agents and pathogens. Cannabinoids, the substances present in cannabis are found to decrease the weight of lymphoid organs and decrease number of lymphocytes. Studies in rodents have found that cannabinoids lower resistance against infections.  Findings reveal that marijuana smoke reduce host resistance. The exposure of macrophages in alveoli to cannabis smoke alters its function thus conferring less resistance against fungi and bacteria.

1. Reproductive Health

Marijuana affects reproductive healthMarijuana consumption has adverse effect on reproductive health. Pregnant women who consume marijuana are likely to produce premature and low-weight babies. Smoking pots also alters the endocrine systems and hormonal secretions. These are associated with low sperm count, abnormal sperm production, slow sperm maturation and mobility in male. In female, chronic marijuana consumption leads to irregular periods. In addition, cannabinoids is able to cross placenta and has been found cause birth defects in animal related studies.


After going through all the findings and the detrimental effects of the drug, I believe you might have known reasons why possession of the drug is still illegitimate in many countries. Though stoners and casual users still advocate for legalizing the drug, I believe legalization of the drug would jeopardize more number of lives. In my belief even the recreational use of cannabis is not justifiable given its psychotic and immunological impairment. However, the marijuana needs to be further researched for its medicinal value. The drug holds a promising potential for use in diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

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