Top 10 Tallest Women in the World

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Being tall is an attribute desired by all. Let it be making easy scores in basketball, getting great view during concerts or  getting  things down from high selves without help  it all comes to one thing, height. Tall people appear confident, powerful and attractive. Dresses fit better and appear more appealing in people with long legs.

However, everything has its own shortcomings when expressed in extreme forms and height is no exception. Having gigantic form puts you into awkward position. You do not have choices for shopping for pants and sleeves are short in you and you have to rely on tailoring. Soles that fit you could be difficult to trace. People expect you to be exhibit sports prowess relating to your height even if you are not and public transport may be a great disappointment for your knees.

Despite having all these pros and cons, people with all forms of height are seen for it is not something we can choose or earn but is matter of random chances that befall with the genes that have been inherited. Sometimes mutations or accidents cause people to grow in tremendous forms. The list below shows top ten tallest women that have ever lived.

10. Uljana Semjonova

Uljana SemjonovaBorn on March 9, 1952 in Zarasai, Soviet Union Uljana Semjonova is a retired international basketball player. She was the leading women basket player in 1970s and 1980s and has who own two Olympic gold medals for USSR. She has a height of 6 feet and 11 inches.

She served as chairwoman of the Latvian Olympian Social Foundation and was recognized as the most popular athlete for 12 times from 1970 to 1985 in her home country Latvia.

9.  Kimberly Diamond

Kimberly DiamondAlso considered as “Beauty Queen”, Kimberly Diamond is one of the tallest women who lived in Texas, USA. Her height has been a debatable topic with some claiming it to 7 feet while other believe it to be 7 feet and 5 inches. She is a renowned model of 1970s and performed many TV commercials.

8. Zainab bibi

Zainab BibiZainab bibi who once hold the record for the tallest women in the world resides in Britain. She was born in Punjabi village of Mandi Rajana in Pakistan. She was offered free medical and living costs and generous allowance and is expected to stay there due to mistreatment in her hometown. She has a height of 7 feet 2 inches.

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