Top 10 Tallest Women in the World

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7. Malgorzata Dydek

Malgorzata Dydek tallest women

Also recognized as the tallest active professional female basketball player in the world, Malgorzata Dydek was born in on April 28, 1974, in Warsaw. She was born to tall parents and gained a height of 7 feet 2 inch. She was a professional basketball player and held several records. Malgorzata

Dydek worked as basketball coach for the Northside Wizards in Queensland Basketball League. She was married and had two children. Margo Dydek died on to 19th May 2011 due to heart attack.

6. Maria Feliciana dos Santos

Maria Feliciana tallest woman in the worldBorn in Brazil, Maria Feliciana dos Santos is said to have a height of 7 feet 4.5 inches. She had normal growth till the age of ten but her height skyrocket on further years. She was a basketball player and played several games for Brazilian University team.

Maria Feliciana dos Santos was multitalented. She performed in television, movies and circus. Unlike other women of her circumstances who have been found to live a single and secluded life, Maria Feliciana dos Santos was married and had three children.

5. Sandy Allen

Sandy Allen tallest woman in the worldBorn on 1955, Sandy Allen held the record of tallest women in the world from 1976 to till her death in 2008. She was 7 feet 7. 25 inches tall. Sandy Allen had tumor in her pituitary gland which caused her to attain an abnormal height. She is one of the luckiest women who managed to survive more years despite the gigantism. Sandy Allen wrote a book titled Cast A Giant Shadow.

She appeared in the Academy Award-winning Italian film Il Casanova di Federico Fellini, in a TV movie called Side Show, and in a Canadian/American documentary film called Being Different.

4. Yao Defen

De Fen Yao tallest woman in the world

Yao Defen held the record as the tallest women in the world in January 2010 till her death. Born on July 15, 1972, Yao Defen stood more than 6 feet and 6 inches by the age of fifteen. Similar to Sandy Allen, her gigantism is associated with tumor in pituitary gland which releases growth hormones.

The tumor was removed in 2006 but it reappeared and she was documented to be 7 ft 8 inches till the time of her death. She passed away on 13 November, 2012 at her home town.

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