Top 10 Unusual Missing Persons Cases

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No wound is deeper than a wound that grows deeper and deeper in the heart when your loved ones go missing. It is a unique kind of helplessness where you are willing to give your all but nothing much can be done. It is that moment when you find the worth of an individual and how important he/she is in your daily life. Many cases have gone unclosed about missing persons due to mysterious evidences and scenarios. Compiled below are some of the famous 10 unusual missing person cases.

10. Brooke Henson






July 4th, 1999, Brooke’s parents returned home late at night. A small party was going on while Brooke was sitting in the porch showing a little sadness on her face because of a fight she had just had with her boyfriend. She decided to visit the nearest shop to get herself cigarettes and left behind a note saying, “Follow me if you care”. After that, she never returned.

Later on, after the search team went on a mission to find her, it was found that a woman named Esther Reed had stolen her identity and was using her name and social security number to attend classes at Columbia University and has run up heavy debts. She had a history of stealing identities.


9. James Squillante






James was an elite member of New York’s Gambino crime family in 1960. He was involved in some of the most brutal mob hits. One of them included separating a person’s limbs and loading them into different trucks. He finally got caught and was serving extortion charges in the prison. His higher up’s didn’t like this situation so they ordered to kill him initially.

Nobody really knows what or when it happened but later it was found that James was put into a car after being shot in the head. That car was then crushed into pieces and melted afterwards.


8. Frederick Valentich


frederick valentich missing persons 1




In October 1978, a UFO enthusiast and an Australian pilot was flying his aircraft over Melbourne when he got through with the Air Traffic Control that there is an unidentified object coming on his radar. It was reported that his aircraft stood in mid-air and then vanished, leaving no evidence. His last words were, “It’s hovering, and it’s not an aircraft.” After that, nothing.


7. Ambrose Bierce






This reporter and author vanished after going off to Mexico in his 70s to witness Pancho Villa’s militaries. “I leave tomorrow for an unknown destination” were his last words which were sent to a friend on December 26, 1913. There are uncountable stories as to what happened to him but no one knows for sure.


6. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370






The plane flew from Kuala Lumpur on its way to Beijing carrying 239 passengers in March, 2014. During its flight, the plane lost the contact from air traffic control and suddenly changed its flight path and then vanished into thin air. There is nothing known about it to this date. Many theories have been offered by different people as to what could have happened but with all the technology present in the world today, it is strange that nothing was found of that plane.

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