Top 10 Unusual Missing Persons Cases

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5. DB Cooper






In November 1971, Cooper reportedly hijacked a Boeing 727 in the area between Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, taking around $200,000 and parachuted his way down to the ground. His disappearance is one of the most mysterious stories ever as FBI spent several years trying to find out his location.

After some years, his niece told the police that she remembers his uncle badly injured after the hijacking which proved that he made it to the ground. FBI ran traces of his fingerprints and face for quite some years but was unsuccessful every time.


4. Hippies Absorbed by Lightning






StoneHenge was open to public before 1971 and a lot of people used to gather near or around it to do their activities. One fine night in 1971, a group of “hippies” set up some tents, built a campfire and decided to spend some time when a huge lightning bolt struck the area, according to witness. Screaming was heard and fire was seen before witnesses ran to help. They were surprised to find out nothing but destroyed tents and some other things. No clue was found as to what happened to them. There are different theories about how the lightning absorbed them due to vortex energy.


3. Rebecca Coriam






A worker of the cruise ship Disney Wonder vanished in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in March 2011. The last related evidence stated that she showed distress while on the phone with someone. A supposition was made that she committed suicide and drowned herself but no hard evidence was found of her body or her whereabouts. After her death, Rebecca’s credit card was used once and also her Facebook password was allegedly changed but no trace of her was identified.


2. Hang Lee






At the age of 17, Hang Lee walked out from her house and never returned back. She and her brother were very close to each other. Before leaving, she said to her brother, “Koua, if I don’t come back, come and look for me.” According to some of the witnesses, she was last seen with a sex offender but nothing has been proved as yet and there were no arrests linked to her case. This missing persons case is still open and her parents are still looking for answers.


1. Sneha Anne Philip






Sneha was an American-Indian woman who lived in Manhattan. This story happens 1 day before the 9/11 attacks when Sneha visited the World Trade Centre for some shopping. She bought things worth $550 that day and it is unclear whether she left the building or not. When Sneha’s husband returned home that night, she wasn’t present in the house and he thought that maybe she’s visiting her relatives but she never came back.

After the attack, it was declared that she might have used the scenario to disappear forever or could have died due to the explosions while getting to home. None of the things that she bought were found, not even her body and the case remained unsolved.

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