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There are times people get bored and go to youtube and find some amazing videos or even movies that make up their mood. Some music videos, some comedy shoots, a romantic upload, a bizarre act, a prank, an excellent goal, a classic cricket strike or anything; people post almost anything everyday on youtube. There are millions and billions of videos that people surf through based on the genre they love. Youtube has brought up some great videos that made them popular in the nights. They went really viral over the web in no time to hit everyone’s computer screen.

We have some great videos already in Youtube and its time we take a look at those. With either positive or negative critics these songs have made themselves very popular. Let us take a look at the top 10 viral music videos of all time on youtube.

10. Ai Se Eu Te Pego, Michael Telo

Ai Se Eu Te Pego! which in English means Oh, If I Get you! is a 2011 remake by Brazillian Singer Michael Telo but was originally sang by Sharon Acioly and Antonio Dyggs. This song became veritably hit in no time through different parts of the world. This song reached to the number #1 spot in Brazil together within Latin America, Sweden and Switzerland, France, Germany, Greece, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, Romania, and Spain. It also ranked in the #81 position of all time Billboard Hot 100. The official video of this song has over 520 million views as of September 2013.

9. Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

Bad Romance is one of the most popular song by American artist Lady Gaga. Released in 2009, the song expresses the paranoia of Gaga that she experiences with her romance that never works with men. The song also contains few lines in French. This song climbed to the #9 position of the Billboard Hot 100. It also debuted as #14 on the UK Single Charts that made Gaga the first female in British chart history to have three number one singles in a single year. It also reached to the top spots in European Hot 100 Singles and made way to the charts of Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland. The song sold 9 million copies and has over 530 million views as of September 2013.

8. Waka Waka, Shakira

Waka Waka!! This Time for Africa! is an official release by Shakira featuring Underground in 2010. It also was the official song of FIFA World Cup football 2010. The Columbian Singer and Writer’s song was released by Sony Music and was written and produced by John Hill. This song has already made around 4 million sales and has also been the number one fast and best selling World Cup anthem. This song debuted in the #43 spot in the Billboard Hot 100 and #65 on the Canadian Hot 100. It also made the number #1 spot in as much as 21 countries including the world Cup host South Africa. Ranked 8th on our spot, this song has already been viewed over 550 million times as of September 2013.

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