Top 10 Weird Sports Around the World

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Almost no one in the world would be unfamiliar with any of the sports. It comprises of varieties in itself with everyone having their own preferences. Sports, when comes into one’s mind, is envisaged as some sort of technical and physical practices such as running, jumping, tackling or whatever and governed by  conventional regulations. Some sports are admired widely yet at the same time could be found strange too. There could be unconventional and strange attributes as demanded by some sport and equally unearthly the rules and regulations.

There are many sports that might look weird because of ludicrous playing norms, incorrigible means or limited acknowledgement and this world is no short on the regard.  There are many such sports out there, part of them being unearthed till now, that anyone would not believe as a sport at the first glance. And that’s where these sports look weird. Here is a top 10 list of such weird sports from all over the world, that just seem weird for most of the people, with their own ways.

10. Underwater Hockey

Under water Hockey- weird sports around the worldAs much as hockey seems fine, underwater makes it equally weird. Unlike in ice normal ground or in ice, imagine playing hockey inside the water. In this sport, two opposing teams contest in order to attempt to score goals by getting the puck into opposite goal area. The playing time generally consist of two halves, each of 15 minutes. Altogether 10 players are enlisted in each team, with only six of them playing at once.  A number of equipment is required such as water polo cap, snorkel, fins, stick and mask for players and a rubber flat ball called puck. Underwater Hockey, also known as Octopush or Water Hockey was first originated in Portsmouth, UK with an initial purpose of winter exercise for divers. Later on it developed as a professional sport and spread over the different parts of the world. Nowadays the sport is popular in countries like USA, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand and many others.

9. Bossaball

Bossaball- weird sports around the worldVolleyball might not be an unknown to many; nevertheless, a similar sport not only played with the leg but also on the trampoline might seem weird. The court of this sport is similar to that of volleyball aside from the high net (varying according to the players) and a set of trampoline on each side.  With the trampoline, the players can jump up to very high and play the ball as in the volleyball. The jumping with the help of the trampoline and playing the ball is what makes it an intriguing sport to watch. It was first originated in Spain and now is played in Germany, France, Netherland, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many other parts of the world. Each team consists of four to five no. of players.

8. Toe Wrestling

toe wrestling- weirdest sports around the worldApart from the common type, wrestling can also be done with toe. In this sport, two competing wrestlers take off their shoes and contest with bare foot. The game is started with a countdown in accord with both the player (just like chanting one, two and three and go!) and each player tries to trap the opponent’s foot. If successfully trapped for 3 seconds which is called pinning, the round is meant to be won. Desired no. of rounds with alternate use of foot( like right sided foot for first round, then left in second, again right in third and so on) can be played as required, similar in wrestling. It’s a courtesy of players to take off the shoes of the opponent player before the match.

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