Top 10 Weird Sports Around the World

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7. Elephant polo

Weirdest sports- Elephant PoloElephant polo is different from other polo games in the sense that it is played by players riding on an elephant. Each players riding on an elephant guided by mahouts, and playing with a long stick with a polo mallet head at the end makes this game quite strange in spectacle. However, the more interesting it may seem, it could be equally unsafe as it is not possible to ensure the control of the elephant all along the match. In Sri Lanka, during a game, an elephant went rampant injuring few players as well as damaging a mini bus nearby. Nowadays, it is played under strict stipulations and regulations maintained by an association. This game was first originated in Nepal and is currently played in South Asian Countries like Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India.

6. Dog Surfing

dog surfing- weirdest sports around the worldSurfing is quite a fascinating sport itself and such a challenging sport played by a dog; it may not be a surprise to sound ludicrous to many. However, it has been recorded in some costal parts of US such as California and Florida and is still an on-going practice in there. In this sport, dogs are trained to surf on board either alone or together with a human and the contesters are judged according to their stability on board, wave and ride length. It certainly makes a statement regarding what a dog is capable of doing.

5. Chess Boxing

Chess boxing- weird sports around the worldAlmost everyone is familiar with Chess and Boxing as different sports, but very few with Chess Boxing as a single one. It is nothing but a crossed sport comprising of chess and boxing in alternate rounds. Imagine two boxers fighting in a ring in a round and then tarrying in a chess game in the next; it couldn’t have been any weird. It is believed to have originated from England and came in light first in a martial art movie “The Mystery of Chessboxing”. The first association on Chessboxing was founded in Berlin in the earlier decade and the sport has never looked back ever since. It is now played over different parts of the world such as Berlin, Tokyo, Nantes, Calcutta and Moscow.

4. Three sided Football

weird sport around the world- three sided footballFootball is probably the most followed sport in the world, but its variant is not any less weird of above. Regular football game but played among three teams at a same time and on the same ground is what the Three Sided Football is all about which makes it look weird. It was first contrived in order to demonstrate a new idea in which the regular football was taken as the correspondent of the on-going class struggle and is played in a hexagonal ground with three goal post of each team. Unlike in regular football, the winner is a team which would concede the least number of goals of all the three teams. The sport is still played, however sparingly, in different parts of the Europe.

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