Top 10 Weird Sports Around the World

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3. Land Diving

land diving- weird sports around the worldLand Diving may not sound weird in itself, but when stated that it encompasses jumping from 20-30 m high without any safety means does sound so. It is a ritual sport, where a man is supposed to jump from a wooden tower with his ankle tied down to the top by a means of vine. It is believed to be still in practice, particularly in Vanuatu near France. It is quite a perilous job as it holds the Guinness World Record for highest Gravitational force endured in non-artificial human actions.

2. Oil Wrestling

weirdest sports- oil wrestlingWrestling could seem weird when the wrestlers are doused in oil and made to wrestle, but it is quite a popular practice in Turkey and it is their national sport too. Just imagine vigorous wrestlers about to compete in terms of their mettle, yet plunged in grease or oil so that their tussle seems drollery; it would be obvious how this sport in enlisted in this inventory. Unlike in conventional wrestling, the match in the Oil Wrestling can be won by demonstrating a hold as predefined. It is now being popular in other parts of the Europe and Japan too as one the most weird sports.

1. Cheese Rolling

Cheese rolling- weird sports around the worldIt is indeed leveled as a ‘world famous event’ by The Guardian, yet seems nothing less than any other weird sports. In this sport a cheese is rolled from the top of a hill and contestant race down the sheer hill and whoever gets the cheese at the end is declared winner. This contest is organized in Cooper’s Hill, in England where it is supposed to have been originated.


Sport has always been a means for entertainment for the people, while it may have never seemed that weird.  There is a no. of sports in this world that are left to be explored and thereby seem weird to us. Some are weird with the abnormal variation from the conventional sports just like the three sided football unlike the regular one. Some are with strange and ludicrous playing means like the underwater hockey and some being completely new to the most like the land diving. These sports may look weird for us at the first, nonetheless are enjoyed by some people like any other popular one. So, however weird or strange these sports may seem at the first sight, their essence is certainly worth realization.

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