Top 10 Worst Inventions of the 21st Century

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Inventions always make exciting reads. In this modern world, people are constantly looking for new ways machines can perform different kinds of work. But there are some people who go completely off-track by forgetting the main purpose of inventions and coming up with the most horrible ideas anyone could ever imagine.

Here is a list of the 10 worst inventions of the 21st century.


10. The Cat Wig

Is this an invention or a practical joke? Sure, as a cat lover, you probably value your feline’s life over your own, but this is taking kitty pampering/spoiling to a whole new level. Seriously, subjecting the poor cat to what has to be a highly uncomfortable, not to mention horrifically gaudy, wig is no less than deliberate torture. And for what? To parade her in front of all the unfortunate kitties who do not own a wig? Honestly, these should be made illegal on fashion grounds alone!

cat wig

9. Smile Scanner

As the name suggests, a smile scanner has the ability to detect a smiling face through the lens of a camera. The invention has gone over the top, because the scanner can actually sense a person’s mood with the help of some amazing algorithms. This can be used as a prank in home-based jobs, whereby employers use the scanner to find out what their employees feel while they are working. Honestly, some people just want to see the human race end. We certainly don’t want this invention to ruin our lives. Please, can someone destroy these devices for good?

smile scanner

8. The Anti-Rape Disguise

By far, the dumbest and most useless invention one can think of. It’s kind of a bag that one can put on. It is made of plastic and has different designs on it; for example, the Pepsi machine, a wardrobe, etc. This is pretty genius…FOR ANIMALS. Did the inventor think that a rapist wouldn’t find an actual person hiding underneath a plastic bag? Was he, perhaps, thinking that a rapist would just go out on a shopping spree and select a prey to “feed” upon? This invention is a lesson for parents to raise their children properly, imparting skills that actually matter.

The Anti-Rape Disguise
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