Top 10 Worst Inventions of the 21st Century

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7. Cigarette Sharer

The first reaction anyone who comes across two people using this invention would be: WOW. The next question that pops into the mind is: WHY? It’s perfectly fine to share a cigarette between friends, and many youths actually do this when they’re short of smokes. But why make a device out of it when you can just “puff, puff, pass”? Do two people HAVE to smoke simultaneously? Can they not wait for their turn? It’s insane. If only the inventor had used his mind to create something that could actually have helped people. IF ONLY!

Cigarette Sharer

6. Lap Pillows

LONER ALERT! These pillows are shaped like a lap to make people feel like they are not entirely alone in the sorrows and miseries of their lives. And if it weren’t for these pillows, there would be no reason to live and only death could solve their crisis. NO! There is a limit to make completely useless and pointless inventions, but this one has crossed all the lines. Pillows are responsible for two things: giving you a good headrest and providing you with a good sleep. Lap pillows can’t seem to fulfill either of these requirements, and yet they still exist. Honestly, one has to be feeling really down to even consider buying such kinds of things and feeling happy with their purchases.

Lap Pillows

5. Goldfish Walker

We should all thank the brand Mick Madden, which fought for goldfish rights and made a Goldfish Walker. Because, of course, goldfish get bored cooped up in their tanks all day and their owners wouldn’t take them out for walks despite several requests, as they would then have to carry the heavy fish tanks. This is beyond hilarious. This is STUPID. Why would a random goldfish want to walk the streets when it doesn’t have legs, cannot come out of the fish tank and cannot breathe without water? What is the purpose of this? ONE WOULD FAIL TO UNDERSTAND.

 Goldfish Walker
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